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Enjoy some cinematic Thanksgiving dinners even more painful than your own

The Ice Storm

Many are dreading the holiday trip home this year, as a divided country may lead to some contentious political conversations over the Thanksgiving table. A few quick tips: Find the alcohol, hide the knives. If you’re already steeling yourself for your annual tension-filled visit, this video may help. Fandor has compiled a montage of cinematic Thanksgiving turkey dinners even more painful than the one you’re about to have, featuring Christina Ricci talking about massacred Native Americans, Christina Ricci torching some Native American structures, a turkey flying right at Home For The Holiday’s Cynthia Stevenson, and the unlikely instance of Pauly Shore punching someone out.


It’s not much, but this video may offer you some valuable perspective, leading to you believe that your Thanksgiving dinner really isn’t that bad. After all, Pauly Shore probably isn’t anywhere in sight.

[via Laughing Squid]

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