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Enjoy a many-splendored hour with Rick And Morty’s newest star: Pickle Rick

Sunday night TV is a focal point of American culture, and last night was a textbook example of why. No, we’re not talking about Game Of Thronesclimactic battle, nor are we discussing Twin Peakscontinued crawl into the mysteries of The Black Lodge. We are talking about the introduction of Pickle Rick, Rick And Morty’s latest variation on its titular mad scientist.

To celebrate his birthing upon this sphere, series creator Justin Roiland released, via his suggestively named Not Justin Roiland YouTube account, one full hour of Pickle Rick. In some ways, it’s a parody of those multi-hour stretches of ambient sound from Star Trek and other sci-fi universes, which take a couple of seconds of hum and draw it out into a larger ambient experience, or one of those 10-hour Planet Earth outtake videos. The only difference is that this time, it’s Rick. And he’s a pickle, and all he does is make weird Rick sounds.


In other news, one of those 64 oz. jugs of Mulan Szechuan sauces is up on eBay, assuming you’ve got a few thousand bucks to spare. If you’re looking for some nice ambient music to soundtrack your sauce-shopping, there’s a pickle on a counter above just waiting for you.

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