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Enjoy a few Veep-related fake PSA videos

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You may have heard this, but there’s a new television show on HBO called Veep and it stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as embattled Vice President Selina Meyer. It’s also really great and as sharp as one would expect from Armando Iannucci, the mind behind the BBC series (and Veep forbearer) Thick of It and its feature-length spin-off In The Loop. Vice President Meyer also has a fun YouTube page that serves as a small supplement to a few of the show's storylines. If you happened to catch this weekend’s episode, you’ll remember it ended with Meyer—much to her chagrin—being drafted to head up the unseen president’s obesity campaign. (And no, that's not a major spoiler, so save it.) Below is the resulting PSA, which is pretty straightforward, but it’s followed by a great “outtakes” clip that’s as spot-on as everything else Veep does. And you have to watch the first to fully appreciate the second, so don't skip it. Okay? Don't. [via Vulture]

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