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Enigmatic oddball lures fans to Minnesota for intimate concert

(Photo: Getty Images)

In news that would work pretty well as either the premise for a horror movie, or the start of a new Roald Dahl novel, a reclusive, enigmatic genius is attempting to lure regular, music-loving Americans into spending an intimate evening with him in the middle of Minnesota. That’s right, QWERTY-defying musical royalty Prince has announced a one-night “gala event” in his home state, in which he’ll treat attending fans to a minimalist solo effort: just him, a mic, a piano, and a horde of sexually excited Midwestern women dancing in the audience.

The two-show event—which is apparently based on a similar concert the artist was planning to hold in Austria last year, before ticket-resellers jacked up prices too high, violating Prince law and forcing him to retool it—is set for Thursday, January 21, at Prince’s Paisley Park recording complex in Chanhassen. That gives Prince pilgrims just 5 days to make the cross-country trek to Minnesota, the better to bask in the smooth glow of songs from throughout his 39-album career. The press-release for the event promises “special interpretations of well-known hits,” “never before heard material,” and a “unique set-list that evolves in real time, song-to-song,” which we’re pretty sure is code for “Prince is going to play whatever the hell Prince wants.” Tickets are available here.


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