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Enemy of the future Sean Spicer hates Daft Punk in addition to Dippin’ Dots

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New White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had a hell of a weekend, first claiming against photographic evidence and “math” that President Trump’s inauguration was well-attended, and then having his years-long feud against Dippin’ Dots exposed for the world to see. It’s hard to determine which speaks most clearly to the sort of soul-death at the man’s core. On one hand, he has been forced to distance himself from objective reality in order to closely align himself with our still-not-impeached new president; on the other hand, he has denied the objective reality that Dippin’ Dots are the manifest destiny of all dessert. (Quoth one contentious tweet: “Dippin dots is NOT the ice cream of the future.” Fake news!)

As Spicer is apparently a hater of all things futuristic, a few old tweets have now been dug up in which the administrator’s ambassador to the fourth estate attacks no less a beloved institution than Daft Punk, the Grammy-winning robot-inspired electronic act that singlehandedly soundtracked large portions of the past two decades. In a pair of tweets delivered from some dank basement lair on Grammy night 2014, Spicer crowed:


Pity the poor interlocutor Dan Blum, attempting to correct Spicer’s inaccuracy-riddled first tweet! Spicer, eager to reconfigure reality in his wake to better suit his dogmatic distaste for robots, quickly claims to be an “early and still fan” of “Daft Funk,” but apparently despite this long-standing affection for them thinks the iconic “helmet” thing is trite. All of which proves several things: that Sean Spicer is an enemy of the truth and so an appropriate pick for Donald Trump’s press secretary, and that he has shitty taste in literally everything. What’s next on his hate list—hoverboards, the Star Trek reboot, the self-driving car industry? The future is not safe.

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