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Ender's Game release delayed by eight months

Bad news for impatient fans awaiting the long-delayed film version of Ender’s Game: The Orson Scott Card adaptation has been sent to the proverbial teenaged-boy showers for a little longer, as Summit pushed the movie’s release date from March 15, 2013 all the way to November 1, 2013. As Collider notes, the eight-month delay will take away some of the competition of March’s already-crowded slate of sci-fi and genre fare—including Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium, Sam Raimi’s Oz The Great And Powerful, The Host, and Jack The Giant Killer—while The Hollywood Reporter speculates that putting it within three weeks of The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire will allow Lionsgate/Summit to use that film to promote it, perhaps with a catchall “So, you like kids killing things, eh?” campaign. Fortunately the delay is not expected to have any effect on the movie’s actual production, which is already underway with Gavin Hood directing a cast that includes Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Hailee Steinfeld, and Asa Butterfield, and it should actually give Asa Butterfield plenty of time to recover from that nasty case of rubella he picked up after wrasslin’ with the Dutch twins behind Old Mr. Withers’ barn.


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