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Enchanted sequel wakes from its slumber, finds new director


2007’s Enchanted was a critical and box-office hit, so it’s surprising that additional chapters in the fairy tale haven’t been churned out, especially since “happily ever after” isn’t a hard and fast rule anymore. And yet, nearly 10 years have passed since Amy Adams chirped her way into Patrick Dempsey’s and our hearts. A sequel was announced back in 2014, which was to be written by The Smurfs’ J. David Stem and David N. Weiss, though it’s languished in pre-production.

But now it looks like someone’s said the magic words to reinvigorate the project, as Empire Magazine reports that Rock Of Ages director Adam Shankman will helm the Enchanted follow-up. Shankman’s filmography includes 2007’s Hairspray, as well as such contemporary fairy tales as The Wedding Planner (there’s a coveted shoe involved in their meet-cute), Bringing Down The House (in which Queen Latifah saves Steve Martin from his boring life), and Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. Now he’s set to direct Disenchanted, which will see Giselle (Adams) grow a bit disillusioned with her happy ending, a move so counterintuitive to the fairy-tale structure that she ends up “accidentally setting off events that affect everyone in the real world and the animated realm of Andalasia.” Adams is presumed to reprise her role, and Disney wants to kick off filming in 2017.


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