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Emmy Rossum closes deal to return to Shameless

Members of the extended Gallagher family can relax—Emmy Rossum has just renewed her contract for Showtime’s Shameless. Her continued presence (and really, the whole series) was up in the air earlier this week, as Rossum sought pay commensurate with that of her TV dad William H. Macy. When they first signed on to the series, Macy was the bigger name, so he took home a bigger check. But now that most of Shameless’ storylines converge on Rossum’s character Fiona, the actress felt it was time to ask for proper financial recognition. Showtime did recently offer her a salary equal to Macy’s, but Rossum negotiated for a higher number because she is, after all, on screen more than any of her co-stars. Ultimately, Showtime agreed, and Rossum tweeted her gratitude.


Showtime hasn’t announced Shameless’ renewal yet, but it’s bound to come soon.

[via Deadline]

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