There's seemingly an Emmy given out for every conceivable thing for which an Emmy might give out, so it takes a while to sort through the nominations and what they mean. Here's a link to the full list of nominations. And some first impressions.

Oustanding Drama Series: This was the last chance to recognize The Wire. Instead we get House and Boston Legal. (Not to knock either, but come on.) And it's not like they were ignoring cable shows no one watches. Damages? Still, Mad Men made it. Nice

Oustanding Comedy Series: Yay, The Office and 30 Rock are nominated. But when a nomination also goes to Two And A Half Men, what does that really mean? Also, does anyone who nominates watch How I Met Your Mother?

Oustanding Miniseries:: Has this category been relevant since 1987? John Adams, sure, but the others… (Okay, I've never heard of Cranford, which may be my fault.)

Outstanding variety, music or comedy series: Good, as always, to see the Daily Show / Colbert contingent get props.

Lead actor in a comedy series: Nice to see Lee Pace sneak in there. Pushing Daiseis is a really good show that hopefully hasn't lost all momentum thanks to the strike. But if I had to choose between Carell and Baldwin it would be a tough choice.

Lead actor in a drama series: Here's a strong category. Does Spader just win because of a split vote? (Again, Spader's great but he's playing in the Whiffle ball league compared to his competition.)

Lead actress in a comedy series: Speaking of which, doesn't it seem like Tina Fey has to work a lot harder than the others in this category?

Lead actress in a drama series: Or is it "Lead actress in a drama series who's been aged out of movie parts"?

Guest actor in a comedy series: Unless the voters are big Shelly Berman fans, this looks like a category 30 Rock can't lose.

Host for a reality or reality-competition program

Ryan Seacrest, American Idol

Tom Bergeron, Dancing With the Stars

Howie Mandel, Deal or No Deal

Heidi Klum, Project Runway

Jeff Probst, Survivor

One of these people will win an Emmy. Andre Royo will not.