The “dark reimagining of fairy tales” trend that movie audiences are flocking to, hypothetically, has already dredged up Beauty And The Beast from the public domain in this year’s Beastly. But as seen with the multiple projects based on Snow White and Peter Pan, it’s never too early to retell a retelling, so Guillermo del Toro—who officially got into this game with the forthcoming Pinocchio—is prepping his own Beauty And The Beast adaptation, this one with recently liberated Harry Potter star Emma Watson, whose recent professed distaste for handsome men now seems less like pandering to her fan base and more like early viral marketing. Coming Soon got the word from producer Denise Di Novi, who said that she and del Toro are currently “developing” it, though she offered few other details besides Watson’s participation. Expect it to take shape sometime after del Toro’s dozens of other “developing” projects, as the producer’s relentless amassing of stories he says he plans to tell someday has taken on its own mythic, fairy-tale proportion.