Emma Stone, and then some other words we don’t actually have to write since everyone already clicked on this article because Emma Stone is pretty and smart and seems really cool, like she might be into you—and not in an ingratiating, patronizing Hollywood way, but in a way that suggests she might want to spend the weekend watching Netflix and making fun of shitty movies with you, like she’d just appreciate the brief respite from all that industry phoniness, but she also wouldn’t put it like that because she’s so cool she doesn’t even think of it in those terms. But also, Emma Stone has signed on to star in Little White Corvette from 30 Minutes Or Less screenwriter Michael Diliberti, who will once again mine comedy from geeks thrust into criminal activity with the story of a “nerdy guy” and his much cooler older sister (Stone, obviously) hitting the streets of Miami, hoping to offload the million dollars’ worth of cocaine they find stashed in their late father’s sports car. No word yet on who will play the younger brother, but Emma Stone will be there. Emma Stone.