Because every Alvy Singer needs his Annie Hall, Emma Stone has been cast opposite Joaquin Phoenix in the new, as-yet-untitled Woody Allen film. This being a Woody Allen movie, the plot details are completely under wraps, and will likely remain that way until a trailer drops a month or so before the film’s release. But it seems safe to assume that a plethora of other movie stars will soon be announced, and that the movie will take place in some impossibly chic corner of a major metropolis. Also, there will probably be jazz on the soundtrack.

Stone, who everyone seems to agree is the best thing about that new Spider-Man movie, has worked with Allen already, in the upcoming Magic In The Moonlight. If she follows the pattern established by the director’s previous twentysomething muse, Scarlett Johansson, she’ll have mastered her distaff Woody routine by their second collaboration. But the real draw is still the possibility that Phoenix will do his own (undoubtedly weird) impersonation of Allen, joining the esteemed rank of actors—among them John Cusack, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Kenneth Branagh, and, uh, Jason Biggs—to get in touch with their inner Woodman. Only this time in tight close-up.