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Emma Stone’s Cruella De Vil movie has found its director

(Photo: Getty Images, Mike Coppola)

In these uncertain times, it’s important for movies to highlight brave and noble heroes that the American public can emulate or look up to in their daily lives. Or, barring that, movies should stick to familiar characters from old cartoons who are famous for how much they love killing puppies. Either way is good, but one of them does require a lot more work than they other, which is probably why Disney has decided to move forward with its plan to make a live-action spin-off movie about 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella De Vil.

Way back in January, we reported that Disney wanted Emma Stone to play Cruella De Vil, and now Deadline says that she has officially signed on to the project with Mozart In The Jungle writer/director Alex Timbers currently in negotiations to direct. Titled Cruella, the film will be a Maleficent-esque origin story for the famous fur aficionado, and it will presumably try to lend some pathos to the character who—once again—is most famous for wanting to kill puppies and make a coat of their fur.


If you’d like a more musical refresher on Cruella De Vil, here’s the song from 101 Dalmatians:

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