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Emma Stone, Kate McKinnon, and Jillian Bell to play Women In Business

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emma Stone, Kate McKinnon, and Jillian Bell have signed on to star in Women In Business, a movie about “two competitive women” whose business trip to Canada is somehow turned into a comedic trainwreck when they hire a third woman off of Craigslist to be their intern. THR doesn’t say which women will be the competitive business people and which will be the intern, but McKinnon seems like she’d be the one most capable of ruining an otherwise productive trip. On the other hand, Emma Stone is the youngest of the three, and—aside from Robert De Niro—interns tend to be younger than the people they work for.

Either way, Women In Business will be directed by Jake Szymanski from a script by Red Oaks writer Laura Steinel. Szymanski is also the director behind Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates, the upcoming Zac Efron-starring comedy that’s also sort of about women being hired to go on a trip and then running things off the rails.


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