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Unfortunately for Jennifer Lawrence, she’s going to fall just short of pulling off the coveted Forbes hat trick, as her two-year streak of being the highest-paid actress has been ended by surprise contender Emma Stone. Mostly thanks to the success of La La Land and an uncredited cameo in Popstar: Never Stop Stopping, Stone managed to rake in $26 million last year, bumping Lawrence to third place with $24 million. The totals in general are a fairly big step down from last year, when Lawrence made $46 million, but it’s a lot of money either way.

Jennifer Aniston joined Jennifer Lawrence in defending the honor of Jennifers everywhere, landing in second place with $25.5 million thanks to Friends residuals and a bunch of endorsement deals. Melissa McCarthy, who was in second place last year, moved down to fourth with $18 million, and Mila Kunis Bad Momd her way to fifth place.


Forbes has a breakdown of the rest of the big-earners, including the interesting note that Emma Watson (sixth place) was the only newcomer on the list. She got there thanks to Beauty And The Beast and a healthy paycheck from middling drama The Circle. She took the spot of perennial contender Scarlett Johansson, who didn’t make the list this year.

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