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Emma Stone and Jonah Hill get into some "multi-reality brain magic shit" in the Maniac trailer

A week after releasing a vague teaser that was basically just Emma Stone and Jonah Hill starting at each other in a perfectly empty white room, Netflix has released a full trailer for its upcoming limited series Maniac confirming that it’s out to beat FX’s Legion at its own retro-futuristic, super fucking trippy game. There’s an element of Inception in here as well. as Hill and Stone are hurtled through time and space—or maybe just through their own minds?—as part of a “drug trial” performed by a mysterious pharmaceutical company run by Justin Theroux and Sonoya Mizuno and under scrutiny from Sally Field.

Even if Maniac ends up being less than the sum of its influences, it’s director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s first major project since 2015's Beasts Of No Nation, and given his previous work it’s safe to assume he’ll direct the hell out of it. We’ll find out when it premieres on the streaming service on September 21.


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