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Eminem, Skrillex, Kings Of Leon reportedly headlining Lollapalooza

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Eminem, Skrillex, Arctic Monkeys, and Kings Of Leon will headline this year’s Lollapalooza. The full lineup won’t be announced—or publicly confirmed—until next week, but the Tribune’s Greg Kot says “industry sources” confirm that those are four of the fest’s six big headliners, meaning it’s still totally plausible to hold out hope for Outkast.

Eminem previously headlined the festival in 2011. Skrillex (and his tiny fingers) played solo in 2011 and as part of his Dog Blood project in 2013. Kings Of Leon headlined in 2009, and Arctic Monkeys played during the afternoon in 2011.


Lollapalooza will be held Aug. 1-3 in Chicago’s Grant Park. It’s expected to bring around 300,000 people to the city over the fest’s three days.

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