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Eminem buries hatchet with old rival, The Punisher, by slamming Netflix for canceling his show

Photo: Left: Eminem (Jeff Kravitz) Right: Jon Bernthal (Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)

Eminem has been around long enough to have beefs with everyone from Ja Rule and Machine Gun Kelly to Everlast, Moby, and Christina Aguilera. Now that he’s older and concerned more with watching TV in his jammies than spitting bars at his colleagues, he’s decided to start something with Netflix, the company that went too far by cancelling its Marvel show, The Punisher.


It wasn’t clear at first why The Punisher’s cancellation upset Eminem so much—he’s not also pissed about Daredevil and Jessica Jones?—but Twitter quickly unearthed a decade-old comic showing that Venom isn’t the only comic book character Shady fucks with.

A bizarre relic from 2009, Eminem/Punisher #1 (there was only one) shows that the relationship between rapper and gun-loving vigilante goes way back. Little did we know that once upon a time Eminem was jumped by the Punisher after a concert, later knocked him out as part of a misunderstanding fueled by a supervillain’s schemes, and then warily teamed up with the comic book character to kill that villain with a chainsaw. (Please read the entire summary for yourself.)

While all of us were under the mistaken impression that Eminem was just a human being, it turns out he’s actually an honest-to-god Marvel character with Wiki pages detailing powers like “above average human strength,” “above average human intelligence,” and special abilities that include resourcefulness, “rapping skills” and “shooting skills.”


Is it any surprise, then, that Eminem would come for Netflix when they’ve done his old rival dirty by cancelling his show? No, now that we know Mathers’ comic book origins, his angry tweet makes perfect sense. God help Netflix if Eminem escalates this beef even further by teaming up once again with the Punisher, bringing their super-duo powers to bear on the streaming video giant.

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