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Eminem/Bruno imbroglio definitely staged sez Scott Aukerman

For the past few days the Internet has been all atwitter with discussion over whether the much-hyped Eminem/Bruno scuffle was staged. Scott Aukerman, a veteran comedy writer/performer who worked on Mr. Show, has cleared up any lingering confusion regarding the incident by admitting that it was staged in a blog post on his website that has subsequently been mysteriously removed.

That's a shame, since the post provided a pretty fascinating look into the making of the MTV Movie Awards. In that respect it was a little like Russell Brand's last comedy special, which similarly delved deep into the minutiae of the MTV Movie Awards and helped illustrate how a group of talented comedy professionals with only the best of intentions can collectively create something that objectively sucks.

One fun fact from the vanished blog post: Aukerman only got a couple hundred bucks for working on the MTV Movie Awards and watched all his favorite bits get cut. Ah, the joys of being a writer.


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