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Emily Kinney comes back to life on Masters Of Sex

The Walking Dead

Continuing the show’s new practice of scooping up actors when they’re killed off their respective shows—starting with The Good Wife’s Josh CharlesMasters Of Sex has landed Emily Kinney for season three.

Kinney has risen from the ashes of television’s deceased after being unceremoniously killed off on The Walking Dead, where she played fan favorite Beth Greene. She’s now joining Masters Of Sex as Nora, the young neighbor of Bill and Libby Masters. Now in her 20s, Nora volunteers for the next phase of Masters and Johnson’s research as a sex surrogate.


Now set in 1966, Masters Of Sex’s third season will also feature appearances from Charles, Maggie Grace, Julie Ann Emery, and Tate Donovan. Masters Of Sex returns to Showttime on on July 12.

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