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Emily Bett Rickards will come back to Arrow for the series finale

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Just a few months after leaving the show, Emily Bett Rickards is now set to do what all former stars of The CW’s Arrow must do at some point: come back. Her character, Felicity Smoak, was left behind by Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen at the end of season seven when he left to run off with the Monitor and do something in preparation of the upcoming Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover (as seen on this season of Arrow), and she was last seen in the flash-forward timeline looking over Oliver’s grave before also getting summoned by the Monitor. This was clearly a setup for a future reunion between Felicity and Oliver (thanks to the multiversal nonsense that the Monitor likes to play with), but now—thanks to a tweet from Amell and via TVLine—we know for sure that she’ll be stopping by for the final episode of Arrow’s abbreviated final season.


We don’t know any specifics, and we don’t know how Crisis On Infinite Earths will leave Oliver (or anyone else in the so-called Arrowverse, for that matter), but this is probably just going to be used as a nice “happy ending” moment for Arrow and the Team Olicity ‘shippers. If you’re not one of those ‘shippers, at least you can always point back to the bad seasons of Arrow as proof that you were always right.

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