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Emilia Clarke's friends aren't watching her train "iguanas" or whatever on Game Of Thrones

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You would think that being a star player in the biggest show on the planet would at least earn the attention of your good friends, but that’s not the case for Emilia Clarke. While the majority of the world watches Daenerys sic her dragons on the disloyal on Game Of Thrones, Clarke’s friends have way better things to do, apparently.


The topic arose during her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. When asked whether or not her friends were emotional about the show ending, Clarke admitted that they don’t watch.

“They legitimately do not watch the show,” Clarke explained with a laugh. “So they’re like, ‘Oh, you with the iguanas, or you’re riding some kind of...’ Nothing. I get nothing.” Come on, they could at least tune in and just watch her big moments, which is how she describes her mother’s viewing habits. [You can skip to 4:20 to hear about her rude friends.]

Clarke does attempt to give them the benefit of the doubt, reminding Kimmel that viewers do have to pay a little extra for the channels that air the show, which may not fit everyone’s budget. Okay, that’s fair. But how often do you get to see someone you know use a dragon as a blow torch and hook up with their nephew? It just seems like a missed opportunity.

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