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Emilia Clarke to not play Mother Of Dragons in upcoming movie role

This is the last known picture of Emilia Clarke without dragons

The Los Angeles Times reports that actress Emilia Clarke, best known for playing Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s Game Of Thrones, will star in the upcoming indie thriller Voice From The Stone, set in Tuscany in the ’50s. As dragons have long since left the earth for the celestial realms, we can only assume that Clarke’s role in this film will be dragon-less. But given that the last time we thought dragons were extinct, Clarke brought them back, some skepticism here is healthy.

The Times further reports that Clarke will play a nurse for humans—and definitely not a nurse for dragons—who’s helping a boy deal with his mother’s death. She ends up warring a dark force lurking in a castle, again, without the aid of dragons. But it’s also a castle, so you know, at least Khaleesi isn’t straying too far from her roots.


Production on Voice From The Stone is set to start in November; in the meantime, Clarke is working on another purportedly dragon-less film, Terminator: Genesis.

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