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As every generation must have its own Bonnie And Clyde, the Emile Hirsch/Holliday Grainger version that so enraptured the people of 2013 will give way to Nicholas Hoult and Emilia Clarke—proving that not even America’s most beloved robbers are safe from being stolen by British actors. The Wrap reports that Clarke, Game Of Thrones’ Mother of Dragons, and Hoult, X-Men’s Dater of Jennifer Lawrence, will adopt their best Texas twangs to star in a “revisionist take” on the Depression-era outlaws. Based on Jeff Guinn’s book of the same name—and very unlike the Hirsch/Grainger, Warren Beatty/Faye Dunaway, or any other previous version of their story—Go Down Together strips away the romance and fancy hats to remind you that Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were just two poverty-stricken kids who lived hardscrabble lives, not the fun, glamorous, road-trip-ending-in-a-hail-of-bullets you’ve been conditioned to expect. The “Great Depression” was, after all, kind of a sarcastic name.


Go Down Together is currently being shopped at Cannes with director Michael Sucsy attached, and it will hopefully be the last Bonnie And Clyde retelling for a while—at least until we get one that reimagines them as space pirates. They could die in a hail of lasers!

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