Game Of Thrones

At this point, it’s been pretty well established that every actor with any kind of connection to the U.K. would like to play James/Jane Bond once Daniel Craig is finally able to free himself from the grueling work of putting on a suit, driving an Aston Martin, and muttering clever quips at women in varying states of undress. The problem with all of these people saying they’d like to be Bond is that a lot of them sound like great ideas. Idris Elba? Incredible. Gillian Anderson? Mind-blowing. Tom Hiddleston? He’d be better as a villain, but sure. Hugh Jackman? Well, not all of them can be great.

Anyway, now Daenerys Stormborn (breaker of chains, mother of dragons) herself, Emilia Clarke, has thrown her name into the running as well. Speaking with the Daily Star (via Uproxx), Clarke said that she “would love to play Jane Bond” and that her ideal Bond boy would be Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite evidence to the contrary (a.k.a. Terminator Genisys), this sounds like it would be a lot of fun, and seeing Clarke aggressively flirt with DiCaprio during a gunfight or whatever would be a blast.


Unfortunately, we’re now even further from coming to a consensus on who should be the next James/Jane Bond. Basically, that means MGM and Sony have two ways to make everyone happy: Either they make the next Bond movie into an Expendables-like affair where Elba, Anderson, Hiddleston, Clarke, and maybe Jackman all play James Bonds, or they just hold an open audition and everyone who’s interested can pop up in the movie for a second or so. That way, nobody will wish they could be James Bond, because everyone will have already been James Bond.