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Emerald City has found its Dorothy

Adria Arjona in Person Of Interest

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adria Arjona (Person of Interest) has been cast as Dorothy in Emerald City, NBC’s dark reimagining of the Wizard Of Oz. Arjona, who also appears in the upcoming season of True Detective, will portray a “beauty scarred by past experiences” who escapes from the cops with a K9 police dog and is transported to Oz. There, she encounters Poochie-fied characters like West, a “drugged-out virtuoso filled with self-loathing;” North, a “Type-A manipulative perfectionist;” and the Wizard, a politician whose showmanship “conceals a dangerous, and perhaps deadly, seriousness.” Also, the Tin Man is probably a serial-killing robot, because why not?

NBC first picked up the show in 2014, before a disagreement with creator Josh Friedman—maybe over the Munja’kin, described as “a primitive and isolated cross-pollinated culture” of people who probably hate lollipops—led the network to drop it. But, maybe after noticing that everyone else is doing an Oz remake and getting jealous, NBC decided to give the show another chance to thoroughly bum out viewers who foolishly believe that flying monkeys are just magic primates and not skinny meth heads running across rooftops. In its new iteration, David Schulner (The Event) will write, executive produce, and act as showrunner. No word on whether the series will be as depressing as originally intended.


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