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A raging-ass snowstorm is shutting down the Northeast’s Pi Day festivities from Pennsylvania to Maine, and many parts of the greater Midwest are blanketed in a long-awaited pile of snow. People are working from home, or not working at all, or trudging through it and carrying about their business. We are all dealing with the snow.

Here’s an alternative option: be like this dog and don’t give a fuck.

This dog is neither working nor playing. This dog has transformed into a vessel, a vehicle, an elemental thing that exists to interact with the snow. This dog is the physical manifestation of zen calm. How might we all be more like this dog today? How might we engage with our surroundings with this very good boy’s sense of unforced freedom? Please use today’s snowstorm as an opportunity to reflect, and, if you are near a mountain, to slide down the damn thing on your back and belly as God intended.


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