Bunsen and Beaker

One mega-conglomerateā€™s brand synergy is another personā€™s nostalgic childhood mashup. Case in point: In preparation for The Muppetsā€™ debut on Disney-owned ABC this fall, the official Disney and Muppets YouTube pages have been releasing videos of the Muppets performing ā€œdramatic readingsā€ of Disneyland attraction songs. Clad in black turtlenecks, the Muppets mock theatrical pretension and celebrate their corporate overlords.

First up, Bunsen and Beaker get emotional during ā€œA Pirateā€™s Life For Meā€:

Then Animal and Floyd struggle through ā€œItā€™s A Small Worldā€:

And finally Rowlf takes on ā€œThe Haunted Mansionā€:

[via Metafilter]