David Arquette has a tendency to be incredibly candid—some might say too candid—about his personal life, and he’s about to put that knack for being cringe-worthy to work for him as a game show host. The actor/director/fashion designer/professional wrestler is partnering with Merv Griffin Entertainment to develop Ranking The Stars, based on a Japanese format that asks seven celebrities to rank each other from most likely to least likely on topics such as who would be more prone to release a sex tape or secretly inform the paparazzi of their whereabouts. (Celebrities will play for charity, while non-celebrity contestants win or lose money by predicting how the stars will answer.) Although it’s still in the development phase, producers are already planning for every episode to have a theme based on celebs’ preexisting relationships—like getting sitcom casts back together, or bringing on the entire Kardashian family—with the idea that familiarity will make them feel more comfortable ranking each other’s whoriness.