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The best memoirs are the ones that dispense with formalities and cover what people really want to read about: insider dirt about famous people. Thankfully, Elvis Costello seems happy to oblige with his autobiography due in October 2015, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink. The book’s publisher, Penguin, notes the “unconventional but indelible” tome promises to be “rich with anecdotes about family and fellow musicians” as well as “introspective about the creation of his famous songs.”


Not to be outdone, Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has also decided to dish some ’80s college-rock dirt and release an autobiography, which is due in fall 2016. “I’m very happy to say that the time has come to tell my story,” he said in a statement. Anyone looking for Morrissey gossip is probably in luck—in fact, Century publishing director Ben Dunn says, “It’s the book Smiths fans have been waiting [for] their whole lives”—although it’s also likely to include stories about Marr’s days working with Modest Mouse, Billy Bragg, and The Pretenders.

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