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Elton John's life story to become "Moulin Rouge-type" movie

Illustration for article titled Elton Johns life story to become emMoulin Rouge/em-type movie

Elton John told BBC Radio that his life story is currently being adapted into a big-screen biopic by his Billy Elliot collaborator Lee Hall. But because John is involved in the project and is not dead yet, the film won’t follow the usual rock biopic formula of humble beginnings followed by the wicked temptations of fame and inevitable fall from grace—which is probably bad news for anyone hoping to see melodramatic scenes of John hunched over a toilet while battling bulimia in the 1970s, then later going on crazed gladiola spending sprees while his entourage looks on nervously, as John screeches, “I like flowers!” and shatters porcelain vase after vase. Instead, expect to see “more of a fantasy, Moulin Rouge type of stuff,” according to John, who adds, “My life’s been so surreal from buying a football club to God knows what.” Well, hopefully more than just that.


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