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With its dapper suits, barroom brawls, and Colin Firth, Kingsman: The Secret Service was a very British action movie. But for its sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, director Matthew Vaughn might be trying to up its Britishness even further. According to The Hollywood Reporter, pop music legend (and noted Englishman) Elton John is in talks to join the cast, though at this point it’s unclear what sort of role he’d have in the film. Considering his virtually nonexistent acting experience, the safe assumption is that he’d play himself, but even if that’s the case he could be playing a version of himself who happens to be a pop music legend and a badass secret agent. (Assuming the real Elton John isn’t also a badass secret agent, of course.)

If John does appear in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, he’ll appear alongside returning star Taron Egerton and newcomers Pedro Pascal, Halle Berry, and Julianne Moore. Colin Firth’s character might be returning somehow as well.


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