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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Elton John hates the Internet

In a typically bitchy, rambling rant, Sir Elton John has called for an end to the Internet, saying, "The Internet has stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff. Instead they sit at home and make their own records, which is sometimes OK, but it doesn't bode well for long-term artistic vision." John apparently disagrees with every single article on the future of the music industry written in the last 15 years, saying, "We're talking about things that are going to change the world and change the way people listen to music, and that's not going to happen with people blogging on the Internet. Hopefully the next movement in music will tear down the Internet." But wait, that's not all! The self-described "technophobe" and "Luddite" says he thinks it would be "an incredible experiment to shut down the whole Internet for five years and see what sort of art is produced." John then quietly reminded readers that his entire back catalogue will soon be available for download.


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