According to Variety, Elton John and True Blood creator Alan Ball are finally joining forces to create the dream team they were always meant to be a part of. Together (along with producer David Furnish), they’re developing a pilot for HBO about a class of young musical prodigies in 18th century Vienna called Virtuoso. It’s like Glee, in other words, only it’s as fancy as shit. Also, it’ll probably be nothing like Glee.

Peter Macdissi, who appeared on both Six Feet Under and True Blood, will star in the pilot. Given the fact that he’s not a young musical genius, though, he’ll probably be the show’s Will Schuester, always there to cheer the kids on, give them important life lessons filtered through classical music, and then he’ll force everyone to perform Madonna songs. Alex Lawther, Francois Civil, Nico Mirallego, and Lindsay Farris will also appear in Virtuoso, each filling some archetypal high school role. One will be the jock, one will be the cheerleader, one will be the powdered wig-wearing elitist, and one will be the stoner.