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Elsa and Anna must save Arendelle from certain peril in the Frozen 2 trailer

The royal sisters of Arendelle are back for another potentially fatal adventure in Frozen 2. In the new trailer, which premiered during Good Morning America, Elsa and Anna are faced with a major threat to their kingdom and, like the can-do queens they are, task themselves with finding the source of evil and putting a stop to it. Hopefully they’ve solved any lingering sibling resentment by this time and can work together.


The key to the new threat may be nestled within childhood stories of the mysteriously enchanted forest, which was magically closed off to the public after a case of enchantments gone wrong. This same forest may also harbor answers regarding the source of Elsa’s magic, which was never wholly addressed in the first film. There’s no music in this clip, but the film’s presentation at this year’s D23 event revealed a new son titled “Into The Unknown,” an Elsa-centered number which, according to Polygon, is “definitely positioned to be the sequel’s ‘Let It Go.’” Parents, guard yourselves (well, your ears, mostly) accordingly.

Kristen Bell, Idena Menzel, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff return for the sequel while Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown join the Frozen fold for the first time. Frozen 2 comes to theaters November 22.