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Elon Musk is also building a (checks notes) “cyborg dragon”

Photo: Mark Brake (Getty Images)

A few months after launching a car into orbit and publicly confirming that he plans to start his own comedy website, Elon Musk seems to have finally returned his focus to funding technology that will help the human race both survive and thrive for generations to come. His latest, humanity-saving project is, of course, a ... cyborg dragon. Cool.


Musk has always been a bit of a confounding figure. At one moment, he can seem like the fabled benevolent billionaire, using his money and influence to save the human race from their worst instincts. The next moment, he can seem like an out-of-touch Silicon Valley dope, blowing millions on vanity projects seemingly dreamed up by a 12-year-old. This whole “cyborg dragon” thing, much like his previous announcement that he’s selling flamethrowers, is making him look more like the latter.

According to The Daily Dot, rather than being some sort of Game Of Thrones cross-promotion or an allusion to anything Kanye West has been talking about recently, Musk’s tweet is likely a reference to the SpaceX Dragon capsule, which is “a free-flying spacecraft designed to deliver both cargo and people to orbiting destinations.” So Musk is either doing a cool space thing again, or he’s about to launch a line of action figures, either of which seems about right.

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