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Elliott Smith documentary soundtrack to feature previously unheard music

One of the more fascinating aspects of the 2014 documentary film Heaven Adores You, about the incredible life and sad end of singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, was its inclusion of previously unheard music. Later this year, fans of Smith will get a more extensive peek inside the vaults with the release of the film’s soundtrack, which, according to producer Kevin Moyer, will be almost completely comprised of previously unreleased material.

“Right now my track list is 20 Elliott songs from the film with only around four or five having been previously released,” Moyer wrote. “I spent a lot of time on the song selection and sequence order so that it is hopefully a balance between rough and polished works, early and late career compositions, instrumental and vocals both, and trying to make sure that we showed his evolution as an artist.”


There isn’t a set release date for the soundtrack just yet, but Moyer promises that it could be coming soon. “We are still finishing it all up, but I know that the label plans to make an announcement in the upcoming weeks that will reveal the release date and also the full track list too,” he says.

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