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Ellie Kemper has signed a deal with Scribner to release her first memoir in 2018, Entertainment Weekly reports. The collection personal essays about Kemper’s life—which currently has no title, but probably won’t be called I, Ellie Kemper—will begin with her St. Louis upbringing and follow her career into her recent industry success, including her co-starring role in the Oscar-nominated film Bridesmaids and her lead role on Netflix’s incredibly joke-dense series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It will presumably also make some time to muse on what it’s like to have a pre-Mad Men Jon Hamm as your acting teacher and the experience of rising through New York City improv community in groups like Mailer Daemon, fwand, and Big Black Car.

“We were bowled over by Ellie Kemper’s gifts as a writer,” Scribner Executive Editor Shannon Welch tells Entertainment Weekly. “She’s brilliant, charming, relatable, unexpected, insightful, and hilarious. She couldn’t be better company on the page.” The 36-year-old comedian is already an accomplished writer, having been a longtime contributor to both The Onion and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.