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Ellen to stick around through at least 2022

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Despite reports from back in December that Ellen DeGeneres was considering bringing her talk show to an end, possibly after determining that Bran of all people had been part of the “best story,” she has now announced that she’ll actually be sticking around through at least 2022. DeGeneres revealed the news during a show that will air tomorrow, though she already shared the relevant bit in a playfully trollish Twitter video that prefaces the news with a bit about how sometimes you need to take a break in a long relationship like the one she’s had with her show.


Ellen DeGeneres likes to have fun, in case the past few decades haven’t made that extremely clear. Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter has a quote from Warner Bros. Television Group CCO Peter Roth that refers to DeGeneres as “a force of nature” and then spends a few hundred words promoting all of the other things DeGeneres works on in addition to her main TV show (Game Of Games, Little Big Shots, and Green Eggs And Ham to be specific).

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