Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Ellen Page has signed on to co-star with Diane Keaton in Tilda, the HBO comedy we recently told you about where Keaton will finally give dramatic voice to the most interesting people on the planet: showbiz bloggers. Keaton has officially claimed the title role, a “powerful and much-feared Hollywood blogger” that is unofficially but totally based on Deadline’s Nikki Finke—or at least, a Nikki Finke construct who exists in that same artificial mirror-world of the movie industry inhabited by Entourage. Page will join her as Carolyn, a “morally conflicted creative assistant caught between following the corporate culture of the studio she works for and following Tilda, who has taken a keen interest in her”—which sounds sort of like The Devil Has Nasty Things To Say About Mike Ovitz. The pilot is set to start shooting next month; “honest to blog” jokes are set to start immediately.