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Ellen Page is in D.C. today, debating homophobes on the street

(Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images)

TMZ has posted footage of openly gay actress Ellen Page on the streets of Washington D.C. this morning, listening to the words of an anti-gay street preacher, and then responding calmly to his rants. From the presence of co-star Ian Daniel—and a multi-person camera crew—it’s pretty clear that Page was talking to the man as part of her Viceland show Gaycation, which aired its second season late last year.


The audio quality on the video isn’t great, so it’s thankfully difficult to make out what the man (clad in a shirt claiming that LGBT people have “morals worse than animals”) is saying, but he definitely opens with a line about how homosexuality is ”demonic” and “toxic.” It’s to Page’s credit, then, that she manages to take it all in with a straight face, before responding with a seemingly sincere wish that her impromptu debate opponent could open his heart, even as he refuses to pay her the courtesy of the same lack of interruption she gave him. We’ll presumably see the full footage of the interview when Gaycation—which hasn’t been formally renewed yet, but which definitely seems to be filming—eventually returns.

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