After years of gravitating toward more diverse material in order to escape those smart-assed jerks who only want to make dumb Juno jokes, Ellen Page is getting ready to make her directorial debut and step behind the camera shaped like a hamburger. The 25-year-old—who has worked with everyone from Woody Allen to Christopher Nolan to Jason Reitman to Brett Ratner in that brief time, presumably absorbing all sorts of lessons in what and definitely what not to do—will partner with Anna Faris, another actress who’s constantly trying to break free of perceptions when she's not just surrendering to them. Faris will star as the title character in Miss Stevens, about a frazzled teacher chaperoning a bunch of high-school drama kids on a field trip who, “through the admiration and humanity of her students, rediscovers her own self-worth,” as the chaperones on field trips so often do. Perhaps one day, decades from now, we'll look back on this as just the beginning of Ellen Page's incredibly distinguished directing career, then moan, "Honest to bleaaarrghhhh" one last time as we keel over and die.