Juno co-stars Allison Janney and Ellen Page are reuniting for another project about wayward babies and potentially unfit mothers. The fictional mother-daughter pair will be appearing together in Tallulah, a new dramedy that will mark the directorial debut of Orange Is The New Black writer Sian Heder. In the film, the duo will team up to rescue a child from a mother that they deem to be unfit, presumably due to her inability to distinguish a hamburger from a telephone or talk for more than 30 seconds without using phrases like “Silencio.”

Janney and Page most recently worked together on 2013’s Touchy Feely, where they also played a pair with a potential maternal bond. Now they’ll be adding a third woman to their intergenerational mix, with the film bringing their characters together with the reckless mother after the police recover the stolen baby. It’s a lot like the plot of Three Men And A Baby, actually, except with wacky hijinks replaced by wry asides, and that weird, convoluted heroin subplot supplanted with fraught conversations about the perils of being a mom.