Having long ago established herself as a person with money, Ellen DeGeneres is making the natural leap to music mogul with her own record label, eleveneleven, beginning with the signing of 12-year-old Internet sensation Greyson Chance. DeGeneres is already at least partially responsible for Chance’s sudden, Bieber-like ascent to the national consciousness, having invited him on her talk show two weeks ago to play his version of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” for the nice people—one of whom turned out to be Lady Gaga herself. Since then, Greyson’s performance has been viewed on YouTube upward of 30 million times, so ipso facto, huge-ass record deal. In addition to his recording contract, the Oklahoma sixth-grader has also secured two of the best reps in the business, with the respective handlers of Madonna and Gaga agreeing to co-manage him. Again, he's 12 years old. In other news, your lunch break is over. Time to get back to work.