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Ellen DeGeneres is jumping on the HBO Max bandwagon hard, with The Hollywood Reporter saying that the streaming service has picked up three shows from DeGeneres and is still developing a fourth. We don’t know if she’s getting millions and millions of dollars for these shows, like Ryan Murphy and other creators who went to Netflix have been getting, but she’ll be fine either way. She has plenty of money.


As for these shows, the three that have already been picked up are Ellen’s Home Design Challenge (which will feature DeGeneres giving “humorous color commentary” as home designers compete against each other), First Dates Hotel (which is various ages of single people meeting up with appropriately matched single people at a romantic hotel), and Little Ellen (an animated series about DeGeneres as a kid). The fourth show, Finding Einstein, will be a documentary series about trying to find “the next generation of potential Einsteins” and has “the blessing” of the real Einstein’s estate.

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