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Ellen Barkin calls Captain Kangaroo and Shari Lewis "child-hating frauds"

Photo: Michael Ochs Archives (Getty Images), Allen Berezovsky/WireImage (Getty Images)

Yesterday, the trailer for the new Mister Rogers biopic A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood dropped, with Oscar winner Tom Hanks starring as the beloved children’s television host. Many weepy viewings followed.

Lest anyone gets the idea to pivot it into a whole host of kids’ TV host biopics, however, actress Ellen Barkin is here to shut that whole business down.


Naturally, we all have so many questions. So far, though, Barkin isn’t budging. Meanwhile, other Twitter users are piling on to second Barkin’s opinions on Captain Kangaroo (real name: Bob Keeshan) and Lambchop puppeteer Shari Lewis. 


“Never meet your idols” appears to be the takeaway here. Unless your idol is Ellen Barkin. Fortunately, Barkin promises that she will reveal these tantalizing backstories eventually.


In a fun coincidence, the wonderful beauty pageant spoof movie Drop Dead Gorgeous turns 20 today. It’s also now (finally) available for streaming, if you’d like to see Barkin in a compassionate, no-nonsense role that appears to closely mimic her online one.


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