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Elizabeth Warren and Dwayne Johnson's lovefest continued on last night’s Ballers (and on Twitter)

Savvy political pundits may note that presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren’s favorite TV show appears to be Ballers, which stars Dwayne Johnson as a powerhouse sports agent. Warren took a break from the busy campaign trail to check out the series’ final season premiere last night with husband Bruce, taking a Twitter moment to congratulate Johnson on his recent marriage:


We suspect there was a shout of delight in the Warrens’ living room upon viewing the start of that episode, in which Johnson’s character is spotted curling up with Warren’s 2017 book This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle To Save America’s Middle Class.

While on the surface this may seem like a strange pop-cultural pairing, we spy some key similarities. Both are self-made successes, good-hearted but tough-as-nails. And both have discussed White House aspirations: Warren is currently campaigning furiously for 2020, and Johnson told GQ in 2017 that a political future for him was “a real possibility.” But he recently veered away from a possible 2020 presidential run, thereby dashing hopes of the bound-to-be successful Warren-Johnson ticket.

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