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In both book and television form, Game of Thrones has left numerous questions unanswered: Who is Jon Snow’s real mother? Will the Starks ever return to Winterfell? Does every conversation longer than a minute have to take place in a whorehouse? But biggest of all, the story asks who should lead. Who, among all Westeros, is not only qualified, but also righteous, just, shrewd, and inspiring enough to reunite the Seven Kingdoms?

While George R. R. Martin is several books and several decades away from providing an answer, the producers of HBO’s adaptation have found theirs: Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II. Britain’s esteemed monarch will visit Thrones Northern Ireland set, accompanied by her husband, Prince Philip, and four thousand Dothraki mounted warriors (that last one is unconfirmed as of press time). Ostensibly, Her Majesty is there to appreciate the economic benefits the show has brought to Northern Ireland, as the show has generated $139 million dollars in revenue, and created 6600 jobs. Privately, though, she probably just wants to get a selfie while being carried around by Hodor.


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