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Elizabeth Perkins announces she won't return to Weeds

Making the bold choice to exit a show that’s only two seasons past its prime, Elizabeth Perkins has announced that she will not be returning to Weeds when it premières on August 16. Instead of reprising her role as Celia Hodes, the manipulative friend-who’s-also-an-enemy-because-we-refuse-to-say-“frenemy” of Mary-Louise Parker’s Nancy, Perkins has chosen to concentrate on the upcoming live-action/animation hybrid I Hop, where she will play the mother to an “out-of-work slacker (James Marsden) who accidentally injures the son of the Easter Bunny (Russell Brand)”—you know, for kids. Over her five-season run as Celia, Perkins racked up five Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations, which likely inspired her decision to move on to film as well as, according to The Hollywood Reporter, develop a comedy series for herself. What this means for the Weeds season six storyline—which, judging by the season 5 finale, was likely going to involve Celia running her own drug operation and going head-to-head with Nancy—is unclear, but we’re sure Weeds will find some unsatisfying, labyrinthine way out of it and get Nancy back to masochistically screwing powerful men just as soon as possible.


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