Spike Lee’s thoroughly unnecessary and yet frustratingly intriguing remake of Oldboy continues to amass a group of talent that makes it difficult to turn away completely. Now The Hollywood Reporter notes that Elizabeth Olsen—who’s carving out quite a niche for herself playing young women caught up in creepy situations—will likely join the previously cast Josh Brolin in the slightly revised role of a caseworker who helps Brolin investigate his mysterious kidnapping. And of course, those who have seen the original Park Chan-wook film know that there will be a lot more to their relationship than that—not that those people should spoil it for everyone else. Thankfully, as was hinted before, changing Olsen’s character from a sushi chef to a caseworker suggests that at least this version is taking steps to get rid of the one squeamish element that would likely turn off American audiences: the dumplings. All those disgusting, morally reprehensible dumplings. They are truly a crime against nature.